Jacuzi shoes, was the coming together of multi-instrumentalist, Christopher Tompkins and Bassist, Robert Desmarais. The duo originally started jamming with Christopher playing drums and Robert playing bass. They found joy in playing simple drum and bass riffs, together in a band room in Chelmsford, MA.

Eventually, the pair wanted to start making songs. After a failed attempt at working with a guitar player, Christopher began showing Robert some of his own written songs, with his guitar. It soon became apparent that this new direction was the more productive way to go. They then invited Drummer, Mathew Lyon over to jam. The trio, immediately clicked and quickly got around a dozen or so, original songs under their belt. They played a couple of shows as a three piece band, with Christopher pulling double duty as lead vocalist and lead guitarist. Then one fine day Christopher had a chance encounter at Whole Foods in Westford MA, with his old friend, Anita Cielakie.

Anita is a very talented singer who Christopher had known in High school. The two had kept in touch via Facebook over the years and were both aware of each others talents. Christopher had always felt that a dedicated lead vocalist was needed in the band. So, Anita was invited down to the band room, to check out Jacuzi shoes and see if it might be something she would be interested in joining, as a lead vocalist.

Turns out, that was a fantastic idea.

Anita was asked to join the band as their full time lead singer after just one audition. Together they have been working hard at polishing up the existing original material and working on new songs as well.

Jacuzi Shoes music, is a colorful pallet of genre mixed material, ranging from pop to blues, country to rock and everything in between. People familiar with the songs, all have a different favorite. There is something for everyone. Come see them live and find your favorite song.